Announcement of our High Point Winner!


We are pleased to announce that the talented TRACEY MILLS has been chosen to accompany ONCE A TREE FURNITURE on our upcoming buying trip to the High Point Market in April! Congratulations Tracey Mills, your support to the store has been tremendous and we are so happy to be able to bring you along with us!

Tracey will be exposed to this unique and exciting opportunity checking out all the market must see’s and one of a kind finds. Not to mention, she will have an inside eye to the retail market’s functionality and relevance in the design industry. Follow our social media accounts for highlights and Tracey’s top picks during this experience.


Calling All Designers!

IDS2015_HighPointContest IDS2015_HighPointContest2

We are excited to announce we will be giving away an all expense paid trip to Highpoint next Spring during the month of April.

Once a Tree is committed to fostering industry relationships with our designer clients. Our goal is to help connect designers with resources and help them to realize the benefits of working with us. This contest is only offered exclusively to our valued and registered designers although, new registrations are always welcomed.

You would be accompanied by the owner, Daphne Nielsen, to North Carolina for the High Point furniture market in Spring of 2016. This is the kind of trip that can inspire you and help you broaden the diversity of your projects, exposing you to fresh product before it hits the market and possibly foster new business opportunities.

“The High Point Market is the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world, bringing more than 75,000 people to High Point every six months. Serious retail home furnishings buyers can be found in High Point twice a year because if you can’t find it in High Point…it probably doesn’t exist.” (High Point Market, 2015)

All that we require for entry, is to be registered with Once A Tree. Forms can be filled out by contacting us via email or filled out in house and all travelers must have a valid passport. Designers can enter the contest once per showroom visit by dropping a business card into our ballot box. Entry will close on December 18th so we encourage you to get into the showroom soon!

Looking forward to seeing you!

High Point Market 2015

Well, it was that time of the year again! Just as we were settling into fall, it was off to North Carolina on a buying trip for our Spring floor change next season. 5 days of furniture shopping can be daunting….but our perseverance will (hopefully) pay off come March 2016. Here are a few of the highlights that we found inspiring, thought-provoking or were just plain old fun. Enjoy!

“Luxury Winter Retreat” with Lori Steeves, Simply Home Decorating

For our final Designer Showcase of 2013, Lori Steeves, of Simply Home Decorating unveiled her cozy living room design in the Once  A Tree Furniture showroom on December 5th.

DS7 LAUNCH invitation “Luxury Winter Retreat” featured seasonal decor and red accents to create a comfortable and festive room.

Be sure to stop in to see Lori’s inspiration while it’s on display in our Showroom at 750 S.W. Marine Drive in Vancouver.

Launch party photos courtesy of Tracey Ayton Photography.

“Comfortable Sophistication” with Enviable Designs

Victoria McKenney, of Enviable Designs, unveiled her dining room design at the launch of Once A Tree Furniture‘s sixth Designer Showcase hosted in our Showroom on September 18th.  We’ve finally received some fantastic photos from the event courtesy of Tracey Ayton Photography.

“COMFORTABLE SOPHISTICATION” describes Victoria’s personal style – an effortless blend of European classic with hints of modern and twists of traditional.

Victoria’s dining room remains on display in our Showroom at 750 S.W. Marine Drive in Vancouver; stop by before our next Designer Showcase launches in December.

Furniture Care Basics

Here are some tips to help you keep your furniture looking its best, allowing you to enjoy it for years to come.


• Dust with a dry, soft cloth or untreated dusting cloth. Clean with a damp cloth and natural soap or a mild dish detergent.

• Do not use any furniture polishes or chemical based cleaners on any Once A Tree Furniture pieces.

• Protect your table with coasters, placemats and table clothes. Avoid placing any items with rubber backing on your wood pieces.

DS5 dresser detail

• Wood naturally ages over time. To help ensure uniform colour, expose table surfaces and leaves to equal amounts of sunlight, and rotate items sitting atop your furniture regularly.

• Wood naturally expands and contrasts with fluctuating temperature and humidity levels. Maintain consistent levels if possible.

• Variation in colour and the appearance of knots are to be expected in natural wood and enhance the inherent beauty of your fine wood furniture.


• Some fabric may fade over time and direct sunlight may alter dark colours. We recommend being mindful in the placement of your upholstered pieces.

• Annual professional cleaning will keep your upholstered pieces looking their best.

DS5 chair

• Cushions may compress over time. Comfort wrinkles and creases occur naturally as upholstered furniture adjusts to normal use. Fluff and rotate cushions regularly.

• Although you may not see it, dust settles on your upholstery over time. Vacuum regularly with an upholstery attachment.

• Prompt attention to stains is recommended. Blot up as much of the spill as possible with a clean, white cloth, do not rub.

• If the stain persists contact an upholstery specialist for a professional cleaning.


• To prevent fading and cracking, avoid exposure to direct sunlight or heat.

• Fluff seat and back cushions to promote even wear.

• Dust and vacuum regularly.

• For spills, we recommend using distilled water and a clean, white cloth.


• Do not use water to remove butter, oil or grease stains. Blot dry with a clean, white cloth. Over time, the spot will fade.

• To enhance and protect your fine leather furniture, we recommend the regular use of a leather conditioner.


Showcase Q&A with Victoria McKenney, Enviable Designs

We’re getting ready for our sixth Designer Showcase in collaboration with Victoria McKenney of Enviable Designs and will be posting more photos following the launch party on Sept 18th.  What does “Comfortable Sophistication” look like?Victoria McKenney Designer Showcase Q&A

“Comfortable Luxury” with Amanda Evans

Our fifth Designer Showcase featuring Amanda Evans of Twenty One Two Designs Inc. was launched on June 20th in our Vancouver showroom.

DS5 showcase2

Guests mingled, nibbled, and sipped while waiting for the official unveiling and Tracey Ayton took some fantastic photos to capture the evening.

Amanda chose the theme Comfortable Luxury for her master bedroom design and explains in her blog post that the bedroom “exudes this concept: luxury can be comfortable. There are little touches in this room that add to that sense of luxury like the Grasscloth wallpaper, the sateen bedding and the accents of gold. Yet the layered rugs, cozy chairs and fireplace really make this space comfortable and approachable. Mixing textures is always key to creating a beautiful space and is demonstrated here with the layers of bedding, silk drapes and area rugs. Keeping design timeless yet current is really important to me so I designed all of these pieces of furniture with this in mind.”

Amanda’s master bedroom design is on display in our Showroom at 750 S.W. Marine Drive in Vancouver; stop by before our next Designer Showcase launches in September.