Furniture Care Basics

Here are some tips to help you keep your furniture looking its best, allowing you to enjoy it for years to come.


• Dust with a dry, soft cloth or untreated dusting cloth. Clean with a damp cloth and natural soap or a mild dish detergent.

• Do not use any furniture polishes or chemical based cleaners on any Once A Tree Furniture pieces.

• Protect your table with coasters, placemats and table clothes. Avoid placing any items with rubber backing on your wood pieces.

DS5 dresser detail

• Wood naturally ages over time. To help ensure uniform colour, expose table surfaces and leaves to equal amounts of sunlight, and rotate items sitting atop your furniture regularly.

• Wood naturally expands and contrasts with fluctuating temperature and humidity levels. Maintain consistent levels if possible.

• Variation in colour and the appearance of knots are to be expected in natural wood and enhance the inherent beauty of your fine wood furniture.


• Some fabric may fade over time and direct sunlight may alter dark colours. We recommend being mindful in the placement of your upholstered pieces.

• Annual professional cleaning will keep your upholstered pieces looking their best.

DS5 chair

• Cushions may compress over time. Comfort wrinkles and creases occur naturally as upholstered furniture adjusts to normal use. Fluff and rotate cushions regularly.

• Although you may not see it, dust settles on your upholstery over time. Vacuum regularly with an upholstery attachment.

• Prompt attention to stains is recommended. Blot up as much of the spill as possible with a clean, white cloth, do not rub.

• If the stain persists contact an upholstery specialist for a professional cleaning.


• To prevent fading and cracking, avoid exposure to direct sunlight or heat.

• Fluff seat and back cushions to promote even wear.

• Dust and vacuum regularly.

• For spills, we recommend using distilled water and a clean, white cloth.


• Do not use water to remove butter, oil or grease stains. Blot dry with a clean, white cloth. Over time, the spot will fade.

• To enhance and protect your fine leather furniture, we recommend the regular use of a leather conditioner.



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